Environmental Control

Environmental Control

Today’s technology has the potential to exponentially improve our everyday lives. Everyday we use smart TV’s, cable systems, satellite systems, smart phones and more.  However, the degree to which that potential is realized hinges on the ability to use the technology. A feature of some assistive technology devices, environmental control plays a important role in making these everyday technologies accessible to people with motor impairment.

Devices which provide environmental control functionality allow the user to operate TV’s, cable boxes, some Satellite systems, DVD/Blue Ray systems, some appliances (table lamps, portable fans) etc. via any access method (touchscreen, switch scanning, head tracking, eye gaze/tracking, mouse emulation, etc.).  This access is facilitated through a range of access methods, such as touchscreen, switch scanning, head tracking, eye gaze/tracking and mouse emulation.

A few of the augmentative communication devices we provide which offer environmental control functionality include:

  • Grid Pad 12
  • Grid Pad 15
  • Mobi 3
  • Tellus 5
  • Zingui 2
Additionally, AT4Vets provides environmental control customization for our CDST and C solutions specific to the needs of each veteran.

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