iPad-based Solutions

iPad-based Solutions

iPad-based solutions from AT4Vets are used by veterans throughout the country as cognitive recovery, cognitive support, and augmentative communication tools.

We are pleased to offer two customizable iPad solutions:

Custom Tablet Intervention Solution (CTIS)
Our Custom Tablet Intervention System is designed to address cognitive recovery, support, and new learning.

Tablet Talker AAC Solution (TT)
The Tablet Talker may also include apps found with the CTIS but is optimized for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).

How AT4Vets iPad-Based Solutions Work

AT4Vets by Key Technologies aim is to make the process as easy and efficient as possible. We provide the iPad, register it for each specific patient, and install the requested apps as well as any desired add-on accessories.

AT4Vets by Key Technologies then ships the ready-to-go iPad system. This means there’s no need to perform any registration or installations. It is ready for use -- right out of the box!

Both CTIS and TT solution may include the following per the user’s specification:

  • iPad Mini 7.9”, iPad Air 10.9”, iPad Pro 11” or iPad Pro 12.9” with the requested level of memory
  • Protective stand/cover (installed)
  • Screen protector (installed)
  • Carry Bag
  • Personalized app package (installed)
  • Personalized subscriptions of apps, online training programs, and/or digital publications (installed)
  • Other requested hardware such as keyboards, hardened cases, wide grip stylus, etc.

CTIS solutions include all of the above + the cognitive recovery/support/learning app(s) of your choice.

TT AAC solutions include all of the above + the AAC app(s) of your choice, Bluetooth mini-speakers for use in loud environments, and the cognitive recovery/support/learning apps of your choice.

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