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AT4Vets by Key Technologies

Key Technologies has been a trusted provider of essential assistive technology products and services since 1986. Founded, operated, and owned by speech and language pathologist Kenneth P. Whitley and former educator Karen S. Whitley, we have primarily focused on communication devices and technology for veterans and VAMCs for the last decade. Today, more than 95 percent of our work is with veterans and VAMCs. Our rebranding to “AT4Vets by Key Technologies” emphasizes our commitment to serving veterans and VAMCs.

Our communication devices and technology for veterans are available at different levels of service including the following:

1.  The C service.

The C service is a customization service for users who have, or are receiving, an AAC device not provided by AT4Vets. After the initial customization is completed AT4Vets provides 1 year of further customizations for the user per request(s) at no additional cost. C service is designed for AAC devices using the Grid 3 or Mind Express apps and are available nationwide.

2. The CS solution. 

The CS solution includes Customization of the AAC device purchased from AT4Vets prior to shipment and provides Support after delivery including further customization for the user, technical support, troubleshooting, etc. at no additional cost. CS solutions are available nationwide.

3. The CDST solution

The CDST solution includes Customization both prior to delivery and onsite, onsite/hand-Delivery to user, onsite Setup, and onsite Training.  The CDST solution provides support after delivery including further customization(s) for user, technical support, and troubleshooting at no additional cost.  Currently, CDST solutions are available in GA, NC, SC, and VA.

4. AT4Vets by Key Technologies also provides products in assistive technology, often at a lower cost, without the services provided in C, CS, or CDST solutions. Standard support is provided with all orders. Available nationwide.   

Pricing:  AT4Vets by Key Technologies does not publish prices online.  However, we are happy to provide to-the-penny written quotes.

AT4Vets by Key Technologies Partners
As an independent vendor, AT4Vets by Key Technologies partners with leading A.T. manufacturers providing augmentative communication, computer access, environmental control, mounts, and rehabilitation apps/software. The primary manufacturers we carry include but are not limited to:

  • Ablenet
  • BlueSky Designs/Mount'n Mover
  • Brain Fingers
  • Eye gaze/tracking technology (EyeTech, Irisbond, etc.)
  • Grasp/Quha Zono
  • Inclusive TLC
  • Jabbla
  • Origin Instruments
  • Pretorian
  • REHAdapt
  • Smartbox Assistive Technology
  • Tinkertron

If you are looking for a product from a manufacturer not listed here, please let us know. We may still be able to provide it.

The AT4Vets by Key Technologies sales team has extensive knowledge about the products we supply, the challenges faced by our clients, and the needs of the professionals who serve them. Contact us to learn more about our innovative communication devices and assisted technology for veterans.

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