Assistive Technology for Veterans and VAMCs

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Assistive Technology for Veterans and VAMCs

The transition to life at home is not always easy for veterans returning from deployment. Servicemen and women who are injured during active duty service or who later become ill, as a result of their service, may need to adapt to physical challenges and relearn daily tasks. At AT4Vets, our mission is to provide our veterans and VAMCs with the devices and technology they need to improve communication and everyday living.

“Assistive technology” refers to any device, software, or equipment that helps people work around their challenges. It benefits veterans with a range of disabilities including physical injuries, cognitive impairment, sensory involvement, and loss of verbal communication. These technological advancements make it possible for disabled veterans to live comfortably at home while regaining the independence and self-sufficiency they enjoyed prior to their injuries or illness.

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Customized Assistive Technology Solutions and Services

AT4Vets provides customized A.T. solutions and services for individual users and clinical equipment for VAMCs. AT4Vets’ assistive technology improves quality of life for veterans with disabilities by increasing their ability to communicate and function.

Our products include:

In addition to the technology itself, AT4Vets also offers evaluation assistance, personalization, training, and support. In that capacity, our company works not only with veterans, but also with speech language pathologists and therapists toward assessing skills and needs in order to determine which device options are most appropriate.

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